Nails Gl'amour

 Avec Amour

Welcome to Nails Gl'amour

We know you have choices in getting your nails done.  It seems we have nail salons on every street corner, so what's different about Nails Gl'amour ?  For one, we know you love yourself enough to take care of your looks.  That's glamour.  But did you know that "L'AMOUR" means "LOVE" in French?  But why the "G" added to "L'AMOUR" ?  It's because we know Glamour.  We want you to look your best and feel your best after visiting our shop.  We add Love with what we do and know you always have a choice as to where you take your business.  

Without love in what we do, whether it's cooking, work or play, we just don't get the most out of what we do.  Life's harsh at times, but if we take a moment to sit back and take a look at the whole picture while you're getting pampered, things may change for the better.

And for those who are away on duty, thank you for your service.

 Avec Amour
(With Love)

Please be advised, our contact number has changed to:
918.841 4883